The report is written to help all those who have applied into the University of Ilorin in understanding better what to expect, primarily, first-time applicants, we drew references from those who are familiarised with the school system and analyzed the 2020 admission system and a circulate from a few members of the Student Union government of the University of Ilorin.

We have been made to understand that the management have no plans yet for conducting an examination for the students that are coming in this session.

We also gathered that the management is already at its peak for the conduct of the 2020 Admission Placement, which will be rolled out and effected towards November 2020 where students will be screened after the conclusion of the registration phase.

Furthermore, candidates should get acquainted with the system of admission, students will be recommended for admission on the Central admission processing system (CAPS) when due and the methodology will be based on the qualifications presented by individual candidates.

The University of Ilorin does not have anything like, first batch, second batch or any of such in her admission list.

Names of shortlisted candidates recommended for admission will be sent to Jamb and it will be uploaded on the portal at a gradual pace until the close of admission.

That means, there is absolutely no variations for Merit or no merit list, students are just offered admission as deem fit.

Why the University of Ilorin will not conduct an examination is not far-fetched.

The school is still making plans for possible resumption, the population of students can not be risked, and there are sets of students who are still waiting to finish their exams, conducting an examination for around 60,000 students will be a delayed process of admission.

It means students must have to wait until December before they can start seeing admission on CAPS, meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor has announced that admission placement will be set towards November.

For past years, students of the University of ilorin must be out of the session, usually when the full-time students are true with their exams before aspirants are allowed and scheduled to come into the school premises and make use of the school CBT for examinations but currently they are yet to finish their last semester which is apparently the 1st Semester.

Do not expect the management to come out and explain to everyone how admission will be, Unilorin is known for an internalised system of admission, unless there are inside sources which are familiarly concerned with Unilorin Admission process like TEAM PLATO REPORTS.

In other words, the school will begin taking actions without your notice.

This report explains what to expect and what is currently on for the University of Ilorin admission.

Once we have more information we will pass this across periodically.

Wishing all who have read through this great piece of information at a time like this success in Unilorin admission recommendation.

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