resumption/reopening of schools in the country.

The Federal Government has been making lots of moves as regarding the reopening of schools nationwide in the country.

However, the general public, and most especially, students, are so keen on when the Government will reopen schools.

From earlier information released about the reopening of schools, it was said that schools cannot be reopened yet considering the current increase in the spread of the virus in the nation, and as such, the Federal Government isn’t ready to risk the lives of students.

Likewise, the Federal Ministry of Health in the country, through the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, has made it clear that schools will not be allowed to reopen in the country except the Federal Government is able to contain the spread of the virus, and as such, can safeguard lives of the children.

In the same vein, some parents spoke about the reopening of schools and explained the fact that although they all want their children/wards to be back to school, yet, the safety of the children is paramount.

Looking at the current situation which has been caused by the global crisis, parents are not ready to risk the lives of their children.

Some health practitioners and likewise some teachers have also added that the Federal Government shouldn’t rush while making decisions towards the reopening of schools in the nation, but rather to think about a long lasting solution.

And amidst all these deliberations, the Federal Government has put into consideration all students who are about to take their exiting examinations nationwide in the country.

This includes all Junior Secondary School 3 and Senior Secondary School 3 students all across the country.

The Federal Government has been working towards allowing them to resume ahead of other students so as to be able to take their respect final examinations.

Thus, as regarding this, the Oyo State Government, under the leadership of the Governor, Seyi Makinde, has announced that the curfew imposed on the State has been relaxed.

This was announced by the COVID-19 Task Force in the State.

Amongst several other decisions made, and the announcements, it was announced that the Government has reached a decision on the resumption of classes for Primary six (6), Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS 3) and Senior Secondary School 3 (SS3) students, which will be from Monday, 29th of June, 2020.

Clear explanation was made that this was done for all students who are preparing for examinations, and as such, classes are to resume at the end of June in order to ensure all the students are well prepared for the examinations ahead of them.

Likewise, just like it was announced before the nationwide lockdown, the schools will observe the COVID-19 protocols as released by the Task Force in the State.

Some of these protocols include washing of hands, social distancing, use of face masks.

It was mentioned that schools should provide hand washing points in the environment, and to ensure all guidelines are properly observed.

Thus, the Oyo State Government has announced classes to resume for all students taking external examinations from Monday, 29th of June, 2020.


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