JSS 2 Pupil Impregnates female Corper In Cross River State.

The news of a JSS 2 Pupil who was reported to have impregnated a female Corper who is serving In Cross River State has been making rounds online. 

Although the story seems funny but at the same time “crazy”, many still found it difficult to believe that a young boy like a JSS 2 Pupil would have enough “capacity” to impregnate a grown up lady like a Corper.

The news of the JSS 2 Pupil who was alleged to have impregnated a young lady who was serving in cross river state was posted on a facebook group called “calabar rant”.

JSS 2 Pupil impregnates a Corper

According to what was gathered, it was discovered that the Corps member didn’t actually have a consensual copulation with the Junior Secondary School boy. Rather, she was hypnotized by the boy who had been constantly taking advantage of this opportunity to have his way with the young lady till it eventually resulted to pregnancy.

Posted to the school for the Batch B session, the Corps member has been suspended by the school authority after having been reported to the state NYSC Secretariat. 

More so, the proud teenage father-to-be has had his share of the cake as he has also been suspended by the management of the school.

Taking a look at this shared story, is it actually possible for a JSS 2 pupil to impregnate a grownup lady? Is he mature enough to produce the “necessary”? 

Even though the age of the supposed baby father is not given, one can still not guarantee the veracity of this claim.

However, some people who claim to know the school in question communicated that the students are known to be quite notorious.

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