Pass Post Utme With Ease: A Detailed Guide (Helpful)

Many would agree with me that, on the lane of securing admission, passing post Utme is rather the biggest hurdle to cross.

This might explain why many after securing a high mark in jamb, but fails woefully in post Utme, hence putting an end to their admission pursuit.

This however saddens me, because what should be the smallest hurdle happens to be the biggest, and coupled with that, it left an urge in me to share these tips that would help every jambite to pass Post Utme at a go.


First of, this is true as for any exam, but even more for post UtmeWhy do I say this?

The structure of the exam varies from school to school, unlike jamb which is uniform throughout the country.

For example, federal University of Oye-ekiti would give you a blend of questions from your four jamb combinations, say 25% each.

This is very different from Unilorin’s mode of setting Post Utme questions. They give 80% English, 10% mathematics and 10% current affairs.

If you are to prepare for the post Utme of both schools, obviously each would require a different preparation of it own.

And what has helped us in this case?

We took time to understand the exam we are writing, which would help us to know the accompany preparation that would be fitting, the time quota that should be allocated to studying a particular subject, which subjects to study and how to study them.


As stressed in the previous the previous tip, one way of getting to understand the nature of exam is getting past questions and studying them.

Past questions provide such an amazing headstart for candidates, they give Insight on what to possibly expect from the exam and this would greatly enhance the quality of your preparation

No doubt, Studying past questions would indeed help you to pass Post Utme.

You most likely to get post Utme past questions around the campus of the school in subject, or even better, websites abounds that offer post Utme past questions at a small fee, you can use this or you can use Google to find others.


Well, I might be wrong that your life depends on it, but am definitely sure that how well you prepare(read) has alot to do with with wether you will pass Post Utme or not.

Like I said on a post of mine here, you only know what you know, and don’t know what you don’t know, therefore Conduct some evaluation, know the topics you cannot readily answer questions from, topics that hearing their name alone would sent shivers down your spine, then take steps to better understand the topics, because as it stands only what you get correctly would count in the exam hall.


To pass Post Utme, the power of sufficient preparation cannot be overemphasized

Develop an insatiable desire for reading


Many candidate fail because they fail to heed this priceless advise.

Let me explain

Some after securing a high score in jamb, they relent and rest on their laurels, reducing their studying time and all preparation as a whole, expecting post Utme to be a walk with over

While some after luckily scoring a little pass the cut-off, become emotionally down, they study less believing they can’t pass Post Utme.

Well, the truth is, to pass Post Utme you need to forget your jamb score and prepare for post Utme like a separate exam that it is.

Don’t let your seeming success or failure in Jamb beguile your thinking or acting in the aforementioned ways.

Its even recommendable that you read more than you did while preparing for jamb.


If am guessing right, you were probably attending a tutorial class of some sort before writing jamb, well, this is no time to stop and if you were not, its probably time you enroll in one.

No one they say is an island of knowledge, you would really find the service of a good tutor helpful in your quest to pass Post Utme, as his/ her input of knowledge would bring added benefits.

It is also believed that Studying amidst students that share your goal can give added confidence and greatly aid assimilation.

More so, many of these tutor masters over the span of years would have seen their students wrote Post Utme in various schools and probably gained admission in some, Therefore they might have advise to give on writing Post Utme in the school you are aspiring for.


All along the advice has been centered on reading, reading and reading.

Well, it doesn’t have to be all that, reading 24/7 non-stop doesn’t really help in the long run.

As you dedicate most of your time to studying, do make you find time to cool off and unwind.

These activities releases endorphins hormones in your brain which makes you feel good about yourself and clear your head after hours of study.

And there you have it

we hope you implement this guide and wish you success in your effort to pass Post Utme.


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