8 Things I Wish I knew In My First Year On Campus

So after all the Wait, your name finally made the list.

You probably can’t contain the joy you felt after getting the news, and am happy for you too, I really am.

For the next few years now you gonna be living your life on and off campus.

As you bask in the euphoria of happiness though. I have some few tips that can really help you to get the best from your stay in school and go on to make your undergraduate days a memorable one.

These tips are not solely on academic advise, it covers a range of subject, from academics to your social life.


The balance between what you may ask

The balance between your social life and your academics

With lot of activities going on in campus, as a fresher it’s easy to get sidetracked and let the whole thing get in your head then you forget why you are Even there in the first place.

What you can do.

Basically what you have to do is get your priorities straight.

Ensure you allocate enough time to reading and studying. In as much as being socially active should have it place, it needs to be put in check.


Whatever home you grew in, am pretty sure there are morals instilled in you growing up, regardless of how little that might be with some.

I want you to treasure that, cus all what you’ll encounter in the four walls of the of the campus will do little than rob you of your morals.

Never forget who you are, where you from and where you are going.

Let your morals be the anchor to keep you at Bay, never compromise it for nothing.


Taking notes in class is very important and I’ll implore you to endeavor to always do that during lectures.

Why is this even important?

First, not all the lecturer would say in class will be found in the material, so if you don’t have notes, the extra information he gives out will elude you

Secondly, taking notes in class will help you stay focus on the lecture, as you keep your hands crossed ready to pen any relevant information.


Soon enough you’ll get to know(if you haven’t already) that some lectures take attendance serious than anything else, some go as far as making it a ground rule that if they get to class before you, just forget it for that day.

In some schools, the protocol is that if you don’t make 75% attendance for a particular course, you are retaking the course.

The import of these tales?

Always endeavor to be in all lectures, never miss any for just trivial reasons.


Now this is very important

The friends you keep will have a considerable impact on you, and can shape who you you are on a big time level.

There are many real life experiences about well trained, chaste and responsible lads who went to the university only to become wayward leading a debauch lifestyle to say the least.

Most of the time, the bane of their predicament lies in their choice of friends. Stop and ask yourself, who are my friends? what is their disposition towards learning? Can I feel secure showing them to my parents?

Finding answer to questions like this can help you to know if you are with the right associates

But be careful not to become so uptight, they don’t have to be perfect to your friend, use your wit and power of reasoning to discern who is who.


Living on a plan is very important to life, but in this context it’s important to your overall success during your stay on campus.

I have discovered that I make the best of each day when I plan or make a flow of my activities for the day

You should too if haven’t been doing that, and you’ll definitely thank me later.

This can be on a wider scale, not just for the day, it can be for the week, month or a whole semester.


Unless you are the son or daughter or a Dangote or an Otedola, then sit back as this advise would definitely come in handy.

At each semester, or at your convenient interval, you should make a spreadsheet of things you’ll be needing and what funds you’ll be using to offset the cost.

Also do leave room for contingencies and miscellaneous.

Beware of impulsive spending, don’t buy what you don’t need or could do without.

Basically, make sure of the most important things.

Doing this would greatly help you to make judicious use of your funds and reduce your chances of always being in want.


Litrally speaking, most university campus has become a den for sex predators, cultism and so on.

This is probably the reason, why many parent are skeptical about sending their wards to school.

While some have even went as far not sending their wards to school

Is thier stance justified? I don’t know

Anyway, if you find yourself in the four walls of campus, your’s is not doomed.

You have to be wise and discreet, get to know your campus well, know the places that can be potentially dangerous, and if you are a girl do not wear provocative dresses, dress moderately and watch the friends you keep, I believe I discussed that above.

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