5 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid To Pass Jamb 2019

As jamb 2019 gets around the corner, candidates are preparing intensively, burning candles at both ends trying to get 300+, or whatever score they set for themselves.

Some even start to imagine how life would be like in their prospective schools

Well, I wish all aspirant success, I pray they come out in flying colors.

It is this vein I find it important to share, the common mistakes, candidates should avoid while preparing for the exam and as well as on the day of the exam.

It is true that not all candidates would get admitted, but I for one, wouldn’t want it to be because of these following reasons


It is very important that you arrive early at the venue, and the importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

Experience has shown that when you get late to an exam venue, and Start to plead your way in, if eventually you are allowed to enter, it would likely dis stabilize you, and you might spend minutes trying to pick yourself up.

You might even end up groping for what you read and had previously understood.

I therefore advise you to make arrangements that would see you arrive early, at your exam venue.

If you live far from the venue It would be wise to leave a day before the exam to avoid mishaps

You’ll be able to arrive early to the venue and be emotionally and mentally ready for the exam.


Its Soo funny that some in this era of full CBT exam think they can cheat their way to success.

If you are one of them, it’s time you change your thinking and start reading like your life depends on it.

This reminds me of a jamb I took some years back, when jamb was complete paper base, after paying 1500, I got an SMS before dawn on the exam day containing supposed answers, as expected, I sneaked it in and quickly shade the whole answers, went home expecting 300+, only to discover my score was 181.

I was so disappointed in myself, what I could have scored way above 200 if I had done it myself.

My experience should teach you something, believe in yourself

Dont risk taking incriminating materials inside the hall, you could forfeit the whole exam and possibly get prosecuted if caught.


During registration, some encounter one problem or the other.

For example, using an email you no longer have access to, incorrect bio-data like misspelled name, wrong age or whatever issues you might be having.

You should ask questions on whatever issues you are having and have them rectified before writing the exam or whenever appropriate.

It would be quite disheartening, after going through the hurdles of writing jamb and post-utme to discover that you were not given admission because your O’level result(s) were incorrect.

Its therefore important that you are careful while filling the form to avoid paying unnecessary fee or even worse and if there is any issue, be quick to rectify them.


They say there is no shortcut to success, fittingly this is true for your success in jamb.

To pass you need to read and read and read some more. Now let me fill you in on a little secret, do you know that most people fail jamb because they didn’t prepare well enough.

conduct some self evaluation, ask yourself questions like,

Am I Studying hard enough or am just deceiving myself

Do I spend more hours on social media than I do reading

Like many, you can suspend using social media, because really, they do little than rob you of your precious time.

Create a routine for studying and stick to it. Study extensively and never assume you understand a topic, ensure you really do by tackling different questions on the topic, this will more confidence when you face strange looking questions. Because sometimes you think you know a topic but along comes a question which can be rephrased in a way you have not seen before.


The night before the exam is not the night for some serious reading, infact it’s not a night for any reading.

All night reading and burning of candles should end on the day before the exam.

You should get enough sleep the night before the exam, to avoid feeling dizzy and tensed up.

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