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Are you preparing to sit for jamb this year? Or even better are you planning on writing it for the first and the Last time, or you want this to be your last after several failed attempt. If yes then, you are at the right place as this post is designed to help you achieve your goal, which is to obtain your desired score in jamb (am guessing 400)

Over the years, many has wasted years at home after failing to secure a good score in jamb while many have settled for an institution or course which they would not have had they score (quote) sufficiently enough to secure them their course of choice. Realizing the importance of this exam has spur candidates out in search of tips to help them pass excellently. Well, the good news is, search no more as I bring you glad tidings.

Tips around to help in this pursuit, but I have shortlisted top ten that will surely help you.

f you really want to achieve that dream score, the impact of sufficient preparation cannot be over-emphasized. Preparation as it is, is having a goal and getting ready by planning, studying, and training to achieve the goal.

To get the best out of your preparation, you can adopt a method that has helped for many, have an active study routine where you schedule subjects to be treated for each study session, before the start of each session, you might find it helpful to write down what you wish to have achieve at the end of your study session and then work through your session having them at the back of your mind, but mind you though, make them realistic

While preparation will attempt to get you ready, determination will ensure you are ready. The level of your determination will reflect on your preparation as per how much time you put into it. It can be seen as the willpower or energy that drives you, so how much of it you have will determine how far you get.

Annually jamb update their syllabus, which has a list of all recommended textbooks and subjects. You’ll therefore do yourself a whole lot of good by endeavoring to get this texts and incorporate the subject found in jamb syllabus in your study routine.

Some of the questions are taken from these texts, so that will give you a head start in the hall having solved the questions before the exam

Am guessing you are not surprised seeing this. Its now a renown fact that these corporate exam bodies repeat question from previous exams, which usually covers a reasonable percentage from the overall questions.

As you prepare make sure you dedicate part of your study sessions to solving past questions. You’ll find this helpful than you might yet realize. So don’t waste your time, go to any bookshop near you and purchase one, or if you want the soft copy, you can search in Google and follow their search results

Since the start of jamb full CBT exam few years back, it has become imperative that candidate, are pro-efficient in their use of computer, or at least enough to get them through. I have heard experience of candidate who entered the exam hall with no ICT training only to waste their limited time trying to find their way around the computer.

So if you don’t know how to use the computer, its time to enroll in a training of some sort to get you acquainted with it.

This is perhaps the best advice I’ll give, understand your strength and weakness. Like someone I know would say, you only know what you know, and don’t know what you don’t know. Conduct some evaluation, know the topics you cannot readily answer questions from, topics that hearing their name alone would sent shivers down your spine, then take steps to better understand the topics, because as it stands only what you get correctly would count in the exam hall.

Therefore acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses now and dealing with it would put you on an edge in the exam.

The previous tip has subtly introduced this, sometimes individual effort is not enough to get the desired result, and in positions like this you definitely need all the help you can get.

As many has, you will find the experience and knowledge of a trained tutor helpful, as you prepare for jamb 2019, so why not enroll in a reputable jamb lesson in your neighborhood or you can employ the service of a personal tutor.

Maybe you’ve heard stories about people that has written jamb up to five or more times and that frightens you, you get overwhelmed and start thinking jamb is one hell of an exam, so you cant make it, don’t be afraid, many has done it and so can you. However, if you’ll make it, then you need be prepared emotionally, wear the mindset of a victor. Always assure yourself that you can do this, and most importantly, let your actions do with your preparation.

Do you have a target? Like a particular score you want to attain? Why is that even necessary you might ask. To better understand this, let assume someone wants to score zero, what is required of him? Nothing, just walk into the hall with zero preparation and walk out, but what if the person wanted to score 300+ then that calls for a lot of work on his part, he obviously has tons of preparation to do.

It can said therefore that the target you set would predict the accompany preparation. So I’ll advice you to set a reasonable target for yourself and make that your goal, while you put in sufficient work to achieve it.

Now on a final note, just as this is true for everything else, putting God first in all we do is very important, don’t cut him out of this endeavor, have his support and guidance and watch jamb 2019 be a success.

To this very end, I wish all prospective candidates good luck in this forthcoming jamb

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